Step 1. Open your internet browser and head to: click on the “DOWNLOAD RESOURCE PACK” button. This will download a zip folder containing The Love Story Competition Title Card, a PDF copy of these instructions and a PDF copy of the terms and conditions.


Step 2. Create a short video telling us about your love story and upcoming wedding. Older photos and footage of your courtship may be used to help tell your story.


MAKE SURE you put the Love Story Title Card in the 1st 3-5 seconds of your video.


Step 3. Export a Full HD copy of your video and upload it to YouTube. 


Step 4. Go back to and now click on the “SUBMIT ENTRY” button. This will open up the submission form page.


Step 5. Fill in the submission form and ensure you copy the URL link from your youtube video and paste it into the video link section in the form. To Help give us more details about your wedding please ensure you add those extra details in the “Please tell us any relevant details for your wedding” section.


Step 6. Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions and then click terms and conditions box in the submission form if you agree with them. Then click Submit and your entry will be sent to us.

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