January 12. 2019. Gloucester

Rob & Emily - Winter Wedding Film

This film was shot on the IPhone 7 using the Filmic Pro app. I decided I wanted to test the theory that we have heard before that 'Phones have such great quality cameras why do you need to spend money on an expensive camera when you can just use your phone' As a professional I could think of many reasons but instead of just going off facts and specs I wanted to test the theory. You can find out more information in the video below.

Fortunately, Emily and Rob agreed to let me film their wedding on my IPhone and it was such a delight to film their wedding. They were such an easy going and fun couple to spend the day with and we wish them all the best on their happy married life together.

Rob & Emily's Wedding Film was filmed and edited by Thomas Harkins.


'Best Videographer 2018'

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